Office Politics (Part 2)

Office Politics Part 1

It was a out of character, but Amber couldn’t deny the rush as her Uber driver, Kevin, navigated the way to “Tongue and Cheek.”  She sat motionless in the back seat trying to calm her nerves.

Just two minutes away, she noticed a text from Jonathon.

“Are we still good for tonight?  I’m sitting in the bar at Bella’s.”

She’d totally forgotten about her loose plans to meet Jonathon for dinner and whispered “Fuck” under her breath before staring out the window for a plan.

Jonathon was a sweet guy and possibly what Amber was looking for, if it weren’t for the pain of dating.  She enjoyed his company, and it was comfortable time, but she didn’t have that feeling in her stomach, or even a passion that reminds someone of plans on a Friday night.

Kevin pulled to the curb in front of “Tongue and Cheek” where a Valet opened her door.  Andre was waiting inside and most of her being wanted to casually find, and surprise him.  But, her conscience got the best of her.

She told the valet to wait a minute, then closed her eyes in mild frustration as she texted Jonathon, “Yes, on the way.  See you soon.”

“Change of plans,” she told Kevin into the rearview mirror, “Do you mind taking me to Bella’s?”

“Not a problem.”

For the next 10 minutes, Amber felt that very human feeling of something being stripped away.  The high, rudely ripped away by a Universe that seemed unfair.  Her “chance” meeting with Andre would have to wait.

Johnathon sensed something was wrong guided by Amber’s distracted nature.  She assured him she was fine, and felt a bit angry at his prying, but also knew it was time to get into the moment, or it would be a long night.

The wine was still in her system and she added another glass with a toast, “To our new friendship and the possibilities that life presents!”

Johnathon was happy to raise his glass and heard the words completely different as he looked across the table into her eyes.  He was falling fast for Amber, but she was feeling a change inside.  Something about the days’ events told her it was okay to be a bit more brazen with her desires.  The magic some people can have on our lives, she thought.

Throughout dinner, Johnathon complimented Amber on her looks and outfits.  Gushing compliments that felt nice, but a tad too close for her.  She, on the other hand, steered conversation in a benign direction and hinted more than once about being tired.

At 9:30, Amber made a decision to end dinner and finish this night on her coach watching her show and drinking wine alone.

She pecked lightly at her desert and said, “This has been really nice.  I’m glad we got to have dinner.  I think it’s time for lala land.”

“Really,” asked Johnathon, “I thought we could grab another drink at Fischer’s.

“Oh, any other time, but I’m just wiped.”

He reluctantly gave in as he watched her hair fall across the side of her face, resisting the urge to push it back.

“Okay, maybe we can get together tomorrow?”


“I’ll take you home if you’d like.”

“No, it’s way out of the way, I’ll just get an Uber.”

He held her hand lightly as they stood outside of Bella’s waiting for her car.  The Ford Explorer pulled up and Jonathon leaned in to kiss Amber and they exchanged kisses on the cheek.  What was a woman to do if she didn’t feel a fire?  An ongoing struggle, but it goes both ways.

Amber took a deep breath as she settled into the backseat again and said, “‘Tongue and Cheek,’ please.”’

It was nearly 10, and she doubted she’d even go in, but the simple excitement of saying the words made her flush.  Barely 5 minutes later, her car stopped again.  She told the driver to wait for a minute as she nervously laid her Louboutins on the concrete and stood looking at the crowd flowing from the doors of “Tongue and Cheek.” Amber swam against the current as hundreds of people rushed her way and she scanned them all for Andre.

When she spotted him, a chill ran up her spine and her impulse was to turn away.  She took a few steps to her right, then asked herself, “What are you doing, Amber?”  It was a simple question and she knew the answer.  She wanted to hear his voice, be in his presence, maybe in his arms.

She casually looked again and her heart dropped.  He was holding hands with a woman in the valet line.  Amber’s eyes blurred as Andre leaned down to kiss the woman before opening her car door.

A flood of emotion ran through Amber.  Regret, envy, and relief.  The latter may have been the greatest.

Her Über driver was now leaning out the window asking her what was up.  She did her best to melt into the crowd and climbed back in the car.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize the event was over.”

Amber gave him the address to her home and smiled to herself about her actions.  Nothing happened, but it felt like a wild ride.  She had a strange feeling of optimism that had been buried, and on some level was proud that she pushed her comfort zone.

Safely on the couch, Amber’s mind drifted to Andre.  Was the woman his girlfriend, a hook-up, or, worse, his wife?

She replayed their work conversation, thinking about his deep voice, and how he looked walking away in his dress shirt.  He was very much a cordial, but maybe he had similar feelings about her?

She was rarely smitten with someone and typically content with the simple pleasures in life.  And certainly she’d never had these kinds of feelings for a black man.

But something clicked with Andre.  Maybe it was his gentleman’s behavior.  Maybe it was the safety and context of working together.  Maybe it was the way his hand felt as it engulfed her newly manicured nails.  Maybe, but the sight of his dark skin against hers made her sigh.

Amber tried to find something on television, but couldn’t get her mind off the buzz flowing through her veins.  She flipped channels in her soft, pink, Victoria’s Secret pajamas and imagined Andre next to her on the couch.  She closed her eyes and unconsciously ran her nail on up her thigh.  The thought of his strong arms holding her close made her quiver.  Her hand moved to her breast and lightly touched a responsive nipple.

Amber moaned softly and imagined his full lips exploring her neck, her cheek, and finally her lips.  At that moment she would have given anything to be in his powerful arms, feeling his passionate kiss.  It was electric, alive, and a bit taboo.

She imagined running her French manicure over his strong shoulders, across his face, down his chest.  The contrast of her light hands on his dark body seemed too good to be true and she soaked it in.  Lightly grazing his skin, giving him goosebumps as she explored his stomach.

More kissing, more soft moans, and more desire.

Amber slid her fingers inside the top of her waistband and imagined how it would feel to do the same with Andre.  Reaching inside of his jeans to feel him for the first time.  That mystery was always exciting, but with Andre it would new.  It’d be the first time she’d ever held a black man in her hand.

She slid her hand into her panties and was not surprised by her level of arousal.  Andre may not have been there, but his effect was real.

Amber moaned as she touched her wet lips.  She moved slowly, wanting it to last forever.  She imagined it was his hand, lightly exploring her for the first time.  Telling her how sexy she was between kisses on her lips.

An orgasm was near and Amber tread lightly.  She wanted it to be perfect.  To leave her breathless, just like he would.

She slid one finger past her lips and her hips begged forward asking for more.  She lightly rubbed her clit and it nearly took her over the edge.  This would certainly be the best orgasm she’d had in months.

Just as she was imagining his thick, dark finger sliding deeper inside her, the phone snapped her back to reality by blaring a regretful ring tone selection in right in her right ear.  She sighed, then searched under pillow to see who could possibly be calling her at this hour.

The words “Mom” on her screen snapped her back.  Family calling this late at night was rare and she took a deep breath before answering.

“Hi, mom.  Is everything okay?”

“Yes, honey, hope I didn’t wake or startle you.  I just needed to know something about tomorrow.”

Amber sunk into the couch, relieved, and frustrated at once.

Office Politics (Part 1)

Amber gazed at her phone and begged the time to go faster.  In 32 minutes, she’d be out the door for a fabulous weekend of peace and quiet.

The week had beat her down, and she daydreamed of watching movies before getting up early to drink coffee with a book on the deck.  She liked simple things, and dealing with office politics wasn’t one of them.

He was impossible to miss as he lumbered across the office, and Amber silently put up her guard.  It was like clockwork.  Every Friday, Ned would slink over to her desk, flirt, then ask her for a drink.  It was harassment at its finest, but he was the owner’s best friend.  For now, Amber would politely deal with his advances.

Co-workers weren’t even sure what Ned did.  Mostly, he was a yes-man for his buddy (and owner), Brad.  Ned wore bad suits, acted invincible, and openly flaunted his phantom power around the office.  He was also married.

“Hey, Sweets,” he said leaning one hand on her desk.

Amber was quiet and polite, but she fought off a rebellious tendency.  She loathed this man and hated being called sweets, yet responded politely without looking up from her computer.

“Hi, Ned, hope you’ve had a good week.”

“Honey, you know I have, and now I want it to continue.  Come have a drink with me.”

This was the 4th Friday in a row and it would be the 4th straight rejection.

“I’m sorry, Ned, I really can’t.  I’m meeting friends after work, and besides . . . you’re married.”

“Oh, now, baby, we’re just having a drink.  It’s no big deal.”

“But I know Kelly and wouldn’t ever want to hurt her.”

Amber didn’t like Ned, but in saying she didn’t want to hurt Kelly, Ned’s twisted mind saw an opening.

“Listen, Amber, can I tell you something?”

Amber didn’t reply.

“Kelly and I have been having problems for a long time now.  I really didn’t know who to tell, but maybe you can help me work through some of our issues.”

It was transparent and Amber’s blood boiled.  She wanted to jump up and punch him in the nose, but that’s not what self-proclaimed “prissy-fashionistas” did.

The conversation was deflating and she couldn’t think of a response other than slumping in defeat and saying, “I don’t know.”

Ned, went in for the kill.

“Please, just one drink.  I know that you’ve felt a connection to me since the Christmas party.”

Oh, the Christmas party, the regretful night that kept Amber awake many nights.  She’d just started working with ComCore and genuinely wanted to fit in.  A few too many drinks, and she was on stage singing Karaoke with . . . you guessed it, Ned.

He seemed like a fun guy that night and asked who her favorite musician was.  She said Prince, and 10 minutes later he whisked her to the stage where she nervously sang the female parts to “1999.”

They laughed the whole time and for the rest of the night, Ned lingered.  His wife was drunk and didn’t notice how many times Ned innocently touched Amber’s hand as they sat at the roundly-impersonal convention hall table.  But Amber noticed.

“Ned, can we just drop the Christmas party?  There wasn’t a connection, I was just nervous and drinking too much.”

He kept pushing.

“I made you nervous?”

“No, can we just let it go?”

Amber was getting upset and started packing her purse.  It was still 15 minutes until 5:00, but she decided she was leaving early.

She spun in her chair, stood up and was just about to lay into Ned when she was interrupted by another voice.

“Hey, sorry I’m late, Amber, but do you think you still have time to teach me that Excel sheet we were talking about?”

Amber looked up with confusion and saw Andre give her a small wink.  She quickly gathered herself and stammered a bit while saying, “Oh, yeah, sure . . . I uh, forgot about that.”

Ned ruffled awkwardly and said, “Um, hey, man, we were talking.”

Andre calmly said, “My apologies, man, but I have to get something done for the Blaine account before I leave and Amber promised to help.”

Amber jumped in, “Yeah, sorry, Ned, let’s just catch up next week.  Have a great weekend.”

Ned thought for a moment, then looked at Andre’s serious stare before turning to walk away.

Andre was a new in Sales at ComCore, and other than orientation, he and Amber had never spoken.

“Sorry for busting in on you like that, but I couldn’t help but hear the conversations y’all been havin’.  Frankly, that shit was getting on my nerves.”

Amber said, “It’s okay, he really drives me crazy.”

“I can tell.”

There was a brief moment of silence before Amber relaxed.  Ned was back in his office and she caught him glancing through the glass.

“Well, I guess you’d better sit down, sir, and make this look real.”

Andre laughed and pulled a chair.

Amber pointed to the screen filled with the latest Spring fashions and Andre played along.

“So, what exactly are you having trouble understanding?”

“Well, I suppose I’m not sure when the fashion season changes and what I should be wearing in April.”

“Oh, great question, and there are many different opinions, but you can wear white more often than you think, you just need to know how to pull it off.”

He briefly glanced at the white fabric clinging tightly to her thighs  before reaching her strappy nude heels and thought she did indeed know how to pull it off.

Andre laughed and said, “I’m not sure how I can thank you, this has confused me for years.”

Amber was having fun now.

“I actually just bought this outfit right before creepy man made his weekly appearance.”

The outfit was a short, yet classy, versatile black dress good for most any occasion.

Andre said, “Beautiful.”

“Yes, I like it very much.”

“But I thought you said it was time to wear white?,” he asked with a grin.

“Oh, yes, but you can’t get carried away, black is classic.”

Those words echoed in her head as they made up conversation.  Andre was sweet and knew it was risky to mess with Ned, but after 3 years in the NFL, he was fearless.  An ankle injury ended a promising career and now he was adjusting to “normal” life, which didn’t always go so well.

Shortly after 5 o’clock, Andre said, “I’ll let you go, I’m sure you have some big plans for the weekend.”

Amber thought briefly about opening the door, but said, “Yes, I’m meeting with some friends for a margarita or two.”

“What about you,” she asked.

“I have an event tonight in Buckhead with some ex-teammates, a fundraiser thing, but that’s about it.  Probably chill around the house tomorrow.”

“That sounds fun,” she said.  “Well, thanks again.”

Andre reached out to shake her hand and she felt overwhelmed by his palm.  She glanced briefly and noted the contrast in their skin before catching his smile and “Thank you.”

It was a simple moment, but she froze, and for the first time noticed his body as he walked away.  His slightly wrinkled white dress shirt hugged his massive shoulders and his navy slacks hugged his legs.  Amber let out a small sigh, lifted her purse, and walked toward the door trying to understand what just happened.

The Atlanta traffic was always unbearable, but Friday rush hour was the worst.  Amber landed on the 80s/90’s pop station and did her best to relax in the stop and go traffic.  Not much time passed before Prince’s 1999 came on and she lunged forward to change the channel.  It used to be one of her favorites, now it was a bad memory.

The radio landed on a R&B station and Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home” played while Amber sang along.  These drives build patience, but she desperately wanted to have a bottle of wine and be at home.

A commercial came on and she reached to change the channel, but held her manicured nail over the button just long enough to hear, “Join us tonight at “The Rosebud” in Buckhead to meet former Atlanta Falcon stars, James Whitnal, Henry Floyd, and Andre Jones.  We’re raising money for Atlanta’s homeless and doing it with a party!”

She smiled at the serendipity of it all.  First, Prince, then the commercial mentioning Andre’s name.  It seemed to be more than coincidence, especially when she realized how close the party was to her home.

She knew she wouldn’t go, but the debate was something to keep her occupied for the drive.  She wondered what the party would be like, what she would wear, and most importantly, what she would say when Andre saw her.

Simple thoughts like these gave her pleasure, and were usually enough.  But as she sat drinking her first glass of wine, she started feeling bolder.  Could she really do it?

Music blared from the living room as she sipped wine and inspected her closet.  She peeled her favorite black dress from the hanger and laid it on the bed, before tossing her black patent Louboutins next to it.  Just that, in it’s basic form made her heart race.

One more glass of wine and she was playfully dancing down the hallway.  The dress stared at her, begging to be put on.  She pulled off her t-shirt and did just that.  Something about the way the soft fabric slid over her skin gave her goosebumps.

She sat at her vanity and typed the fundraiser into her phone.  Andre was on the front page, smiling right back at her.  It was 7:30 and the event lasted until 10.  There was plenty of time, she thought as she touched up her make up and painted her lips.

The wine, the music, and the thought of surprising Andre were intoxicating.  She slid into her Louboutins and they clicked the hardwoods with a calculated confidence.  She poured one more glass of wine and heart pounded like it had’t in months.  Was this even real, she thought?  It was so out of character.

She sat in her comfy chair, legs over the side, and stared at the animated Uber cars driving around her neighborhood.  “Go for it, Amber,” said a voice in her head, and she lightly pushed to request a ride.


Tara’s Unexpected Night of Passion

It was all planned, but Tara had no idea what the night held.  Jonathan simply told her to meet him at the Marriott Marquis bar at 6:00 on Friday for a drink.

She left work early and suffered through the never-ending Atlanta traffic.  Her job was wearing her down and she looked forward to relaxing with her boyfriend.  Maybe a drink, dinner, then a simple night at home, in bed, watching movies.

The hotel lobby was abuzz with formal guests and Tara regretted her decision to give in to Casual Friday, but still managed to turn heads in her tight jeans, white t-shirt, and patent black pumps.

Heels clicked the marble floor and echoed through the massive atrium as she scanned the lobby bar for Jonathan.  He was there, in a navy blue suit, a coral blue tie and sipped a vodka tonic as she approached.

“I love the suit, babe,” she said while kissing him on the cheek.

“Thank you, need a drink?”

“Yes, work wore me out this week.”

Jonathan ordered bourbon on the rocks for Tara, then looked her deep in the eyes.

“You are so beautiful,” he said.

“Thank you, babe, but I don’t feel like it right now.”

“Well, I think tonight will help,” he said with a wry smile.

“What’s that look?”

“Oh, nothing.  Can I see it?”

She smiled and said, “Here?”


Tara glanced around the room and slowly lifted her white t-shirt to reveal a firm stomach with it’s newly pierced belly button.  A white diamond jewel hung seductively and Jonathan felt a jolt in his stomach.  He wanted to kiss it so badly, but it would have to wait.  He had other plans for her tonight.

“Baby, that is so sexy.”

“I thought you’d like it,” she said glancing over his shoulder at a group sitting in the corner.

Her gaze came back to Jonathan, and she asked what he had in mind for the night.

He smiled and reached into his suit pocket to pull out a hotel room key.

“Here, baby.  We’re in room 2108.”

“What??? We’re staying here tonight?”

“Yes, why don’t you head to the room and change.”

“I don’t have any clothes.”

“I took care of that.”

Tara nearly fell from her chair to hug him, “That sounds so amazing, I love you, honey.”

“I love you, too, now go to the room, I’ll be waiting here.”

Tara grabbed her purse and kissed him on the cheek again before floating to the elevator with excitement.  She’d been waiting for something like this from Jonathan.  Their life had become far to predictable and it appeared that was about to change.

Jonathan knew he was taking some risks, but couldn’t resist any longer.  It was time to find out if Tara would embrace his desires and he left nothing to chance in his planning.

Tara eagerly slid the room key in its slot and pushed the door open with her arm.  She immediately ran to the window and gazed at the gorgeous view of downtown Atlanta.  What was it about being high above a city that gets your blood pumping?

She took a deep breath, sat on the bed, then pulled off her black pumps.  That’s when she saw the bags sitting beside her on the bed next to an envelop with her name.

Tara picked up the envelop, then slid her red nail into the crease to pull out the note.

“Hi, baby.  I know you’ve been working hard and we’ve been inconsistent, so I wanted to plan a special night for you.  It should be about 6:30 now and I want you to start with a hot shower to relax.  There’s a bottle of your favorite wine waiting in the bathroom along with your favorite body wash and shampoo.  Take your time but make sure you’re in your new robe by 7:00.

Let’s start there.  I have more instructions in the top drawer, but don’t read them until it’s time.



Tara set the note on her lap and whispered, “Until it’s time?”

Jonathan sipped his drink and made small chat with the bartender.  He knew the plan would work through the shower, but how would Tara react to the next phase?  He would know soon enough.

Tara poured a drink, took a sip and stripped naked while surveying her body in the foggy mirror.  She felt alive and excited for the first time in a while.  The mystery was electric and she ran her nail over her erect nipple before letting out a soft moan.

The wash of the warm shower relaxed her body on contact and she relished in over-applying her lavender body wash.  The work week was gone.  She was in a new world with new scenery and new possibilities.

After 20 minutes, she patted herself dry and found a new silk Victorias Secret robe waiting in the closet.  It felt delightful sliding over her smooth skin and she did a little dance before taking another sip of wine.

It was like a switch was going off and she felt a missing connection.  She was alone in a strange hotel room, but felt a rare wholeness in her body.

She toweled her hair before sitting in front of the mirror to brush it.  She loved the feeling of wet hair against her neck, so clean and pure.

The brush snagged and she let out a small groan before being startled by a knock at the door.  Her heart raced as her bare feet carried her to the peep hole.  She saw the profile of a strange man and softly asked, “Yes?”

“Room service, ma’am.”

She was impressed, and suddenly hungry and reached for the door handle to let in her dinner.

The door opened slowly and revealed a large black man in a tight white t-shirt.  Tara smiled awkwardly and welcomed him inside.

“What’s for dinner,” she asked with a nervous laugh.

“Me,” he said walking by with a portable massage table.

Tara laughed again and said, “Excuse me?”

“Someone has ordered a massage.  You are, Tara, right?” he said while unfolding the table.

Tara shook beneath her robe.

“Uh, yes.  I’m Tara.”

“Good, we’re both in the right place.”

She watched as he laid a clean sheet across the table and the reality started to set in.  Dinner would have to wait.

“Okay, Tara, I’ll step in the bathroom, you get comfortable under this sheet.”

Get comfortable?  She was suddenly a bundle of nerves.  What seemed like a casual night, had taken a dramatic turn.

“Umm, okay….  what’s your name?”

“Stephen, now get ready, time is ticking.”

Tara watched as Stephan ducked into the bathroom and contemplated calling Jonathan, but talked herself into relaxing.

“It’s just a massage,” she said to herself.  “Relax and enjoy it.”

“Do you mind if I have a little of this wine,” said a deep voice from inside the bathroom.

“Uh, yeah,” she said softly.

Tara laid her robe on the side of the bed.  She was naked and reached for her panties, but dropped them quickly when he asked if she was ready.

“Just a second, almost.”

She climbed between the sheets and took three deep breaths before saying, “Okay.”

Stephen lit two candles, turned on soft relaxing music, and turned out the lights.

“Okay, baby, all you have to do is relax and I will do the rest.”

Tara rested on her stomach, said, “Sounds good,” and closed her eyes.

Stephen warmed the oil between his hands and started on her shoulders.  She was tense and he told her to relax.  His deep voice was soothing in its own right and she did her best to obey.

Ten minutes later, Tara’s body began to feel like jello and the intensity of the moment began to excite her.

She was alone, on the 20th floor of a hotel, and a muscular black man was rubbing her body while her boyfriend waited in the lobby bar.  Suddenly she felt her pussy start to get wet and every touch of his strong dark hands made it drip a bit more.

He reached the small of her back and the moans became more frequent.  In her mind she was giving herself to Stephen, and wondered if he knew.

“You must be a runner,” he said as he dug into the back of her calves.

“I try to run 3 or 4 times a week,” she said.

“Might want to mix in some yoga, girl,” he said with a laugh.

“I’m just really busy.”

“I hear that all the time, baby.  Gotta take time for ya’self.”

Stephen was making her comfortable and Tara couldn’t resist tempting him with her subtle movements.  He moved his way to her quads and his strong hands dug in to loosen the knots.  She spread her legs just a touch as an unwritten invitation to her pussy, but Stephen didn’t bite.

He moved to the other leg and teased her by rubbing just the bottom of her ass.  Tara was getting so turned on it was difficult to resist rolling over and begging him to take her.

Stephen moved to the top of the table and rubbed the back of her head.  Running his fingers through her hair as he pressed into her scalp.  Her head was face down in the padded circle and she stared at his feet.  Suddenly she wanted nothing more than to reach out and pull his cock from his jeans.  It was less than a foot away.  The curiosity drove her wild and her moans increased.

He knew she was turned on and teased her by exploring ever so closely to her breasts, between her thighs.  Leaning across her as she now rested on her back.  Rubbing his bulge against her shoulder as he leaned down to oil her thigh.

Tara was light headed and helpless.  She couldn’t make a move but wanted more than anything for Stephen to slide a finger in her dripping pussy.  At one point, she softly mumbled, “Please.”

She let go and his expert hands nearly led her to sleep.  Tara was in heaven and hell at once as he finished the hour-long massage on her neck.

He quietly asked if she felt better.

“Oh yes,” she said with glossy eyes gazing into his.

“Good,” he said leaning down to kiss her on the forehead.

Shivers rushed through her body and she was suddenly wide awake.

“That’s it?” she asked.

“Yes, take your time getting up.”

She let out a sigh and he walked back into the bathroom.

Tara braced herself on the edge of the table and stared at her messy hair in the mirror.  “What the hell is going on?” she asked herself.  Her legs fell from the side of the table and she reached between them for a quick feel of her pussy.  It was drenched.  Soaking wet beyond anything she could remember.

She slid into her robe and said, “I guess I’m ready.”

Stephen walked out of the bathroom with a drink, set it on the table and began packing his table.

“Feel better, baby?”

Tara cleared her throat and mumbled, “Uh, yes, I think so.  I mean, yes, definitely. That was nice.”

“Good, I think you needed it.”

She nervously played with her robe wondering what to do next.  Her boyfriend was waiting, but she wanted . . . needed more from Stephen.

“You’re very good at what you do.”

“Thank you.”

He seemed indifferent.  So professional.  Was this real?  She wanted to rip his pants off and suck him until he came and he was oblivious.

“Um, more appointments tonight?”

She wanted him to talk.  To stay.  To throw her on the bed and fuck her senseless.

He smiled and said, “Maybe,” with a wink.

Table in hand he walked toward the door.

“Wait,” Tara mustered.  “Umm, do I owe you anything,” she said walking toward him with her purse.

“No, it’s all taken care of,” he said while leaning the table against the door.

He looked at her, smiled, then put his hand on her cheek.

“Maybe we’ll meet again.”

“Yes, that would be nice,” she said staring up at him.

He felt her desire and leaned in for a deep kiss on her lips.

“Yes, it would be.”

Tara nearly came from his kiss and felt the moisture dripping down her thigh.

Stephen turned to open the door, then looked over his shoulder and said, “Oh, it’s time for your next instruction.”

The Alpha Cuckold Dilemma

It’s been a while since I opened up from a journaling perspective, and I thought this would be a good place to dive back in because being an Alpha Cuckold is a confusing mindset.

Society has changed in a big way over the last 20 years, but even though more and more women find themselves in a position of power, it seems to me that most are, at least on a primal level, attracted to strong men.  That is at least half of my personality, but there is no question I have a strong lean towards giving away my power.

I think the biggest misconception is that a man offering a cuckold relationship to a woman is weak.  It’s easy to understand why, because many of the cuckold types I see trolling about online do embrace that persona.  But for many of us I think it feels like a desperate reach to experience something we crave.  It’s not totally real, but not totally fake either.

My background is sports and held my own for years on a football field and hockey rink at the college level.  I have both kicked ass and gotten my ass kicked and walked away a stronger person.  I am not afraid of contact or walking into an important business meeting and taking charge.  But, like most things in life, my personality seems to run on a sliding scale.

Just like the powerful woman who craves being controlled on some level.  That is my dilemma and to walk that fence can be tricky.  In many ways it has to evolve in a “separate life.”

When I first discovered cuckolding, it hit me hard.  It seemed crazy, and completely out of tune with everything I’d been taught, but part of it shot a charge of electricity into my soul.  Something about it seemed perfect.  The link that had been missing through all of my marginal relationships that didn’t go anywhere.

On some level, I loved the contrast of control and letting go.  I’ve always been drawn to strong, intelligent women that go after what they want.  They make me feel alive and bring out the best in me as a person.  I’ve also realized that part of this is because I am not necessarily built to be an alpha in the bedroom.  For whatever reason, my charge does not come from pulling hair and pinning a woman against the wall while I fuck her senseless.  It’s an occasional urge, but for the most part I am far more excited by the reality (or illusion) that she is always in control.  I am serving her.

And as someone who serves her (and by this I don’t mean groveling at her feet all day and night) I want her to get what she wants.  90 percent of the time that means being her best friend.  The one who can stimulate her intellectually and emotionally.  One she loved to kiss and wake up with.  One that fills her social desires.

But she needs that 10 percent, too.  Not always, but occasionally she will want to let go and experience the raw sensuality of a sexually powerful man.  Not only do I understand this, I find it exciting.

The more I am “around” cuckold conversations, the more I realize that I am not alone in my thoughts.  In fact, many more seem to be discovering this lifestyle and finding it a way to build connection in their relationships.

On a genuinely primal level, we all have needs and it is a shame that so many have to stay buried deep inside because of fear or worry about someone else’s perception.  I know this feeling well, and feel as though I’m finally understanding that it is okay.  I am okay.

The Day That Changed Susan (Part 2)

(Part one of this story is here)

Susan woke up in a haze, both refreshed and exhausted.  She gazed at the unfamiliar ceiling fan while gathering her bearings.  Where was she?  Then it dawned on her . . . she had fallen asleep at Sean’s.

She felt a rush of panic as she leaned over and pulled her phone from her purse.  “Shit,” she said to herself, it was 6:15 and and Jim’s award ceremony started at 7:00.

Susan moved the covers away and put her bare feet on the floor.  She was quiet, but as she started to dress, Sean began to rustle.  She slid into her black dress and pulled the straps over her shoulders with one eye searching the room for her panties.  “They could be anywhere,” she thought.  With weak legs, she balanced as well as she could, sliding on one Louboutin before sitting on the edge of the bed for the other.

“Where you goin, baby?,” asked Sean with a deep, yet groggy voice.

“Oh, um, I just remembered I have to be at my boyfriends award ceremony tonight.”

Sean, laughed and extended his hand toward her on the end of the bed.

“Come here, baby.”

“I really have to go,” she said.

“I just want a little kiss.”

Susan stood and wobbled in her 4 inch heels along as she put in her earrings.

“You are so sexy, baby,” said Sean as he playfully pulled the covers to the side.

Susan felt her legs give just a bit as she admired his dark body.  She felt a little twinge in her stomach and her made their way to his cock.  He was hard again and she closed her eyes and let out a breath.  This was dangerous territory and she knew there was more to come, but she couldn’t stand up Jim on his big night.

“I really have to go,” she said as she leaned down to kiss his full lips.

Sean pulled her closer and she fell halfway onto the bed.  Her heels searched for the floor as he squeezed her ass through her dress.  Susan moaned softly and let her tongue slide into Sean’s mouth.  She loved kissing him and knew she would want this often.

“I can’t,” she said, pushing away unconvincingly, running pulling the hair off her face as she kneeled next to the side of the bed.

Sean smiled and said, “Okay,” as he grabbed her hand and put it on his hard cock.  Susan whimpered again then moaned softly at the contrast of his hard black cock in her soft white hand.  Her red nails shined and she couldn’t resist stroking it just a little.  Sean moaned a bit and moved closer as he kissed her again.

“Suck it, baby.  Make your black man cum.”

Susan wanted nothing more than to suck him then ride his hard cock again.  Her pussy dripped under the black dress and she spotted her panties next to Sean in the bed, before pulling away.

“Will you hand me my panties, please?”

Sean sighed and handed them to her.

Susan, thanked him, then slid them over her Louboutins and under her dress.  She looked at her reflection in picture frame near the bed, then glanced back down at Sean who was stroking his cock.

“Please baby?  It won’t take long.”

“I can’t,” she said, “I really need to go to this thing.”

“Okay, baby.”

Susan grabbed her purse and went into the bathroom to pull herself together.  Her hair was a mess and the very sight made her panic, but it also turned her on.  She loved how Sean grabbed her hair and took control while he fucked her.  Susan’s pussy tingled as she brushed the kinks.

She planned to change for the ceremony, but there was no time to get home.  Her dress was a little inappropriate for the formal event, but it would have to do.

Susan was a mess as she fixed her make up and covered her lips in dark red.  There were no less than 4 text messages and one phone call from Jim.  She felt guilty and promised herself she would make it up to Jim later.

Sean was still on the white sheets stroking his cock when Susan came out to say goodbye.  She stopped just out of his range and thanked him for the afternoon without looking at his cock.

Sean smiled and moaned softly without saying a word.  Susan tried to pull herself away, but he was intoxicating.

“Come on, baby.  You look so damn good.  I want them pretty red lips on me.  Just a little?”

Susan looked around the room in frustration and started to walk out of the room.  Then, for some reason she could never explain, she stopped.

Sean said, “That’s a good girl, come back and take care of Daddy.”

His voice, his words, his body . . . somehow the desire to be naughty flooded her brain again.  She turned around, and without saying a word leaned in and took his hard black cock between her soft red lips.  It felt perfect and her panties flooded as she sucked him deeper.  She wanted it all in her mouth, her throat, her pussy . . . but the latter would have to wait.

She had never been so turned on, or at least in 10 years.  Sean was magnetic, addictive, and she wanted to please him more than anything.

She smeared red lipstick all over him as she kissed and licked up his shaft.  She stroked him while licking his balls, then took him deep again, stroking as she did.

“I’m gonna cum, boo.”

Sean tensed and Susan reached under her skirt and rubbed her clit.  He exploded in her mouth and she came in her panties.

She closed her eyes and her heart raced as her lips fell to his stomach.  Her hand stroked him slowly and she licked up to the tip of his cock again and took the last of his cum in her lips.  Sweat beaded on her forehead and cum dripped from the corner of her lips.

“I really have to go,” she said.

Sean smiled and said, “I know baby.”

The Day That Changed Susan Forever

Susan sat behind the tinted windows of her Lexus in a Walmart parking lot.  Her hands shook slightly as she admired the perfect manicure against the leather steering wheel.  Her black Louboutins nervously pressed the brake pedal while she checked her phone.

She had climbed to the top of her company ladder with brains, wit, and stunning looks.  She understood power and how to use it, now she craved the feeling of giving it away.

Dating wasn’t easy for Susan.  Her confidence was intimidating for most men and she was tired of running over them.  She needed a strong man who didn’t care about her being CEO of a major corporation.  That desire had been buried for years and she was tired of living this fantasy alone in her own bedroom.

As always, she was dressed classy, but her black dress was a tad tighter and shorter than normal revealing the top of her expensive stockings.  She could feel a hint of the leather seats against the back of her legs and her new silk panties were touched with a light drip from her smooth pussy lips.

It was 3 o’clock and she’d spent the early afternoon getting a massage along with a manicure.  She felt sexy, but nervous and oddly insecure as she waited for Sean.  They’d never met, but talked once and his deep voice made her melt.  The power deals, negotiations, and company policies were long gone.  She needed to feel something real.

He was late and she checked her phone.  There was a new message, but it was from Jim, “Hope you’re having a beautiful day, gorgeous.”  She scoffed and dropped the phone back into her Louis Vuitton.

Jim was her “partner” but it was all for show.  He was a successful businessman that took her to the theater, social events, and dinner.  He was good company, but Susan was not attracted to him.  A part of her felt like she was cheating, but her desire trumped her guilt.  She desperately needed a man that would make her panties fall off with a kiss.

She was looking for a black Ford Explorer and finally saw it in the distance.  As it moved toward section X of the parking lot, Susan felt her heart beat in her chest.  This was the moment she’d been waiting for, but unconsciously started the car and thought about driving away.  Her red nails slid over the shifter and put the car in drive.  Her heel pressed on the brake and she closed her eyes.  Could she really go through with this?  Meeting a stranger from a dating website with no pretense other than having sex?

Susan clicked through dozens of men before finding Sean.  His bio reflected a normal person that wasn’t desperate.  He seemed like the perfect mix of intellect and raw animal.

For a week, she pulled up Sean’s pictures and lightly rubbed her panties.  The fantasy of Sean was nearly good enough, but last Friday, after a couple glasses of wine, Susan decided to send him a simple “Hello.”

She fell asleep waiting for his reply, but woke up with her phone in hand to nothing.  Later that day he wrote back and she couldn’t deny the excitement.

The black Explorer pulled up next to her and she shook with excitement.  She’d thought about it for years and now it was real . . . there was no turning back.

Susan was 38 years old and for all of her adult life she resisted temptation on her way to the top of the corporate world.  She skipped the parties in college to study while the fire burned deep inside her.  She regretted so much and was determined to pursue her desires.

Sean lowered his window and waited.  The tinted glass in Susan’s window slowly began to move.  She was suddenly self conscious like never before.  What if he wasn’t attracted to her?  So powerful, but now weak in her power dress.

Sean gave her a relaxed smile, “Hello, Susan.”

She blushed and squeezed the steering wheel, “Hi.”

“You look nice,” he said, eyeing her up and down.

“Thank you.”

“Would you like to ride with me or follow?”

He’s not wasting any time, she thought.  She looked at him, then straight ahead before deciding it would be best to follow him.

“I’ll follow.”


Sean, started pulling away and Susan froze.  She felt the Louboutins squeeze her feet and it was all she could do to put the car in gear.  She eased up behind him and he took off down Fisher Highway.

What was she doing?  Her mind raced.  She didn’t even know where he lived.  This was far from the calculated decisions she was used to making.  It suddenly felt dangerous, but she was in too deep and did her best to relax.

She grabbed her phone and texted Jim a short message.  “Hi honey, it is a beautiful day ;)”

Texting her boyfriend gave her a rush.  He was working and she was on her way to get fucked by a stranger.  It was a strange combination of power and submission she craved.  She was finally taking control of the relationship on her terms.  No longer would she fake her way through an unfulfilling relationship.  If Jim wanted to play, it would now be on Susan’s terms.

Sean pulled into an apartment complex and slowly rose over many speed bumps.  Turn after turn, Susan fixated on the back of the Explorer until it came to a stop near the back of the run down complex.

Susan parked next to him and he quickly opened her door.  Her firm leg slipped out and Sean helped her to her feet.  He held her hand as they walked up the stairs.  Her palm was moist and she squirmed when he squeezed it tighter.

No words were spoken and Susan’s mind ran wild.  Would they talk?  What would happen once they got inside.

He unlocked the door and she gazed about the sparse room.  Definitely a bachelor pad with little more than a couch, chair and big screen TV in the living room.

He led her to the couch and they sat next to each other until Sean broke the silence by touching her cheek and saying, “You are a sexy woman, Susan.”

She looked down at their interlocked hands and shyly said, “Thank you.”

The sight of her light hand with red nails inside his made her melt.  She had craved this moment since college and she finally felt the flesh of a strong and sexy black man.  Part of her was resisting, while the other part wanted to devour every inch of him.

He leaned in to kiss her and she let out a soft moan.  His tongue lightly traced her lips and she knew he owned the moment.  The powerful executive was melting in the arms of a young trainer.

She kissed him hungrily.  Moaning softly and not wanting it to end.  There was nothing like a passionate kiss and she hadn’t felt one in years.  Surely nothing like this.

Sean pulled back and looked in her eyes.  She looked at him then shyly looked down again to watch him unbuckle his belt.

“You like that, baby?  You like kissing me don’t you.”

“Yes, sir.”

Sean knew he was in complete control.  He took her hand and moved it on top of his bulge.

“You like this too, I bet.”

Susan just moaned as she ran her hand over his growing cock.

“Pull it out, baby.  I know that’s why you came.”

Susan slid her red nails against Sean’s dark skin and reached into his pants to feel his hard cock.  It was so hard, she thought, and so much thicker than Jim.  Truth be told Jim’s cock never turned her on and she loathed touching or sucking it.  They rarely fucked and it was always a letdown.

But she knew she couldn’t resist Sean.  He was growing in her hand and she wanted every inch of it.

He slid down his pants and his hard black cock made her drool.

He leaned toward her, put his hands on her face and kissed her deeply.

“I want you to show me how bad you want this cock, baby.  I want you to kiss it slowly with those pretty lips, then lick up and down each side.  I want you to kiss and suck my balls.  I want you to worship this cock with your mouth.”

Susan didn’t need anymore encouragement.  She wanted that cock more than anything.

She leaned down, pushed her hair back and, for the first time, kissed the head of a hard black cock.  All pretense and fear were gone.  She let herself go and ran her tongue up and down like he said.  She kissed it with passion.  She licked and sucked his big black balls.  This pretty and powerful executive was lost in pleasure.

He told her to stroke it and feel how hard it was in her hand.

“This cock will own and control you baby.  You will want it all the time.”

She knew he was right and leaned down to take him deep into her mouth.  Her pussy dripped like never before, simply from sucking cock.  Years of frustration were melting away.  Sucking a black cock felt so natural and perfect.  The energy in the room was undeniable and she sucked his cock without inhibition and wanted nothing more than to taste his cum.  Susan’s life was about to take a dramatic change and there was nothing she could do about it.

Emily’s Seduction

Steven dragged himself through the silence and his briefcase landed on the kitchen counter with a dull thud.  Another grueling week at the office had ended and his immediate target was food, then sleep. 

Emily knew what was coming.  The romance had been dying for years, and she’d tried nearly everything to ignite the passion she once shared with Steven, but their relationship was listless. 

Steven was a strong and powerful man all day long.  He made Emily laugh and she genuinely loved him, but their sex life was gone and she knew something had to change soon, or she might pursue and affair, or worse, leave him. 

All of the traditional “fix your relationship” advice was falling on Steven’s deaf ears.  The sexy outfits and lingerie, the weekend getaways, none of it worked. 

Emily had been spending more time in the gym to regain her firm body.  She “knew” she was attractive, but Steven had lost interest for some reason.  One day Emily decided she had to raise the stakes.  He was a smart man and she knew she had to take the seduction to his mind with a deep-seeded tease.  

All of the lingerie in the world meant nothing if she wasn’t in his thoughts.  She wanted to own a place in his mind.  He needed to realize that she “wanted” him, but didn’t “need” him.

The seduction began.

Emily ordered a Rabbit and two 8 inch vibrators from an Adam and Eve using their shared Visa, one purple, one black.   She initially hid the toys in their spare bedroom, but occasionally “forgot” one in the bathroom.  David saw her Rabbit one day and didn’t think twice.  He assumed this is how marriages evolved.  

A few days later he noticed a purple vibrator sitting on the edge of the bath tub.  On some level he was relieved.  Sex didn’t cross his mind much, and when it did, he was satisfied with masturbation.  He would let his mind drift to a fantasy world, release himself, then get back to thinking about his daily stress.  He smiled inside and vowed to work less and concentrate on Emily more.  

Steven never asked about the toys and Emily decided to it was time to turn up the seduction.  

Normally, Steven wouldn’t get home until 8, but tonight he was leaving work early for golf and Emily knew he’d be home to change and get his clubs.  She laid in bed naked, lightly running painted red nails over her breasts, and waiting for the sound of the garage door.  She glanced at pictures of strange men on her phone and felt her pussy starting to drip.  She reached down and moaned softly while she slid a finger inside her warm, wet pussy.

The garage door startled her and she began to shake.  She was taking a risk, and knew her actions wouldn’t likely lead to the sex she craved, but something had to change and she was playing the next card. 

The car door slammed and Steven came into the house.  Emily was nervous, but extremely turned on.  It was now or never. 

He walked into the bathroom and Emily started moaning just loud enough for him to hear.  He looked into the mirror then started listening.  Was that Emily, he thought?  He listened quietly as she moaned and thought he heard her say, “Yes, fuck me deeper.” 

Steven quietly stepped toward the bedroom.  She was moaning louder than he’d ever heard.  He was caught off guard and a part of him braced for the worst.  Was his wife fucking someone in their bed? 

Part of him didn’t want to look, but he peered through the slightly cracked door.  The sunlight swept through the window and landed on Emily’s body.  She was on her back, eyes closed, with her legs spread wide.  She seemed oblivious to Steven’s presence. 

He lightly pushed the door open to get a better view.  Her back was arched and her right hand was guiding a black vibrator into her pussy. He was mesmerized by her passion. 

Steven stood silently and watched.  He felt his cock growing in his pants and resisted the urge to rub. 

Emily knew he was there and played right into his hands. 

“Oh, yes, that feels so good, baby.  Fuck me good. Mmm, yes.” 

Steven was speechless, but somehow managed to say, “Emily?” 

She acted startled and scrambled to pull the sheets around her. 

“Steven?  What are you doing home?” 

“I’m meeting the guys for golf.” 

There was a long silence as she shifted under the covers and suddenly felt embarrassed. 

“I’m sorry, honey.  I don’t know what got into . . . “

“It’s okay, baby.  I understand.” 

He walked into the room, leaned over and kissed her. 

“I should get going.” 

“Okay, should I order dinner?” 

“No, I’ll eat at the club.”

He moved toward the door and Emily said, “Honey…”


“Another kiss before you leave?”

She sat up and let the sheets fall to her waist and gave him the sexiest kiss he’d felt in years.  She ran her hands through his hair, down his back, then she grabbed his ass and dug in with her nails.  Then she subtly brushed her hand across the front of his pants just long enough to feel his hard cock.  Her plan was working. 

She released her lips, smiled, and said, “Thanks, honey, have fun at golf.” 

Oddly, the incident didn’t come up over the next two weeks, but Emily sensed something.  He kissed her goodbye more often and they cuddled just a little closer in bed.  It was the little things that convinced her she was on the right path and she knew it was time to go for broke. 

Steven stared aimlessly at the food in the refrigerator.  This week had worn him out and he thought he might just start with a beer.  He really wanted to go to bed, but it was only 8 o’clock on Friday night.  He swung the door shut, closed his eyes and leaned against the kitchen counter. 

Through the soft hum in his brain he heard movement down the hall.  Then it was more distinct, the clicking of high heels moving toward him on the hardwood floor.  Emily’s seduction was about to go into overdrive.  It could easily backfire, but she was tired of being unhappy.  It was time to live . . . or move on.  

The sound of her heels became more powerful as they hit the ceramic tile of the kitchen floor.  Steven fought to open his eyes and look in her direction.  What he saw, demanded his attention.  

Emily looked ready for New Year’s Eve.  She wore a tasteful, but sexy short black dress.  Her make up and hair was done and accented with wine red lips.  She moved with confidence he hadn’t noticed in years and stopped just far enough away that he could soak it all in.

Steven never doubted her beauty, but there was something different.  She had a look in her eye that screamed sexy. 

She shyly glanced at the floor, lightly bit her lower lip, and said, “Hi, baby.”

He gave a confused smile and nervously asked, “What is this?”

“Oh, I’ve just been feeling very sexy lately.”

“You have, huh?” he managed to say with a hint of confusion. 

“Yes, honey.  I’ve been very turned on sense you caught me playing that day.”

“Oh, yeah, I was going to say something . . .”

She cut him off by putting a manicured finger tip to his lips. 

“Shhh . . . did it excite you?” 

“Well, yes, I mean . . . “

She stopped him mid-sentence with a soft kiss on his lips.

Steven felt his cock getting hard and he was swept away by a nervous excitement. 

“I played with my toy again today,” she said looking into his eyes and kissing him very gently.

He let out an awkward, “You did?”

“Yes, baby, you know what else I did?”

His heart raced.  The mystery of the moment had him scrambling to hide his desire to know.

“Uh, no baby, what?” he said with a nervous laugh. 

“I was looking at pictures.”

She kissed him again and barely slid her tongue between his lips. 

He mumbled, “Pictures?”

Part of him didn’t want to know, but most of him, including his now hard cock wanted to hear a detailed description. 

“Oh, pictures of a sexy man that turns me on.” 

Steven was confident, and his first thought was that the pictures were of him.

He smiled with with a bit of a cocky grin and said, “Oh, you did, huh?”

“Yes, baby.  And I was so wet.  I slid my toy deep into my smooth pussy and imagined him fucking me hard and deep.”

Steven’s mind drifted to the time he caught her playing with her toy and the image was crystal clear. 

She leaned closer, “I felt so sexy, honey.  And so naughty.  He fucked me so good and I came all over his cock.” 

Steven squirmed as she whispered in his ear and rubbed his hard cock through his pants.  He was speechless. 

“I want to fuck him so bad, baby.  Would you like to see his pictures?”

Steven was so turned on he thought he may cum just from her hand.  He wanted to throw her on the bed and fuck her like he used to, but he decided to play along. 

“Sure, baby.” 

She turned away slowly and he focused on her sexy ass and legs as her 5 inch stilettos clicked across the floor.  Emily reached into her purse and grabbed her phone before seductively flipping through her camera roll. 

“Oh, there he is.  He turns me on so much baby.”

Steven searched his mind for what pictures of him could turn her on so much?  He decided immediately he would start taking care of his body and quit wearing sweats around the house.  Whatever pictures she had, he was already embarrassed to see. 

“I don’t know what came over me.  But I really do want to fuck him.  My toy is covered in cum, baby.” 

Something about her was different.  Her eyes penetrated him to a different level.  At that moment she had a control that was undeniable and he was fully engaged. 

“Are you sure you want to see him, baby?,” she said hugging him close with her lips inches from his. 

She smelled incredible and every one of Steven’s senses were captivated by his wife. 

“Yes, honey, show me.”

“Okay,” she said as she lifted the phone in front of him.

“His name is Steven, too.”

For a brief moment Steven felt relieved.  It was him, then she said, “I met him on Twitter.”

A flood of emotions rushed through Steven’s body.  He tensed.  He was confused, angry, uncomfortable, hesitant, curious, and extremely turned on.  His wife was meeting people online?


“Yes, baby.  I really don’t know how it happened, but I like it.”

She held the phone up and for the first time, Steven looked at a picture of his wife’s obsession.  It was a very normal picture of a strange man standing in a suit similar to something he would wear.  It was hard to tell much about him, but one thing was clear, he was black. 

Steven stammered, “Umm, how did you meet him?” 

“Oh, you know how things happen online, you just sort of cross paths.  What do you think, honey?”

“I don’t know, I mean . . . “

She kissed him again and felt his hard cock through his pants. 

“I think you like it, baby.  Your cock is so hard.  Mmm… I love that it turns you on.”

Steven didn’t respond, but he couldn’t hide the fact that his wife flirting with another man was making him rock hard. 

“He sent me more pictures,” she said as she scrolled through her phone, each one more revealing.

The “other” Steven in the gym, shirtless, on the beach.  Each picture showing more and more of his big, strong body.  

“Look at his sexy muscles baby.  He is so dark and yummy.”  

Emily was all in now and pushing her relationship to the edge. 

“Uh, yeah, he seems like he’s in good shape.”  

“Oh, he is baby,” as pictures kept moving across her screen.  Then finally, she flipped one more, and he was naked.  His black cock hanging there for both of them to see.  

“This is what I thought about when I was playing with my toy, baby.  It turns me on so much.”

There was no turning back now and she had to go for it.  She handed Steven her phone and dropped to her knees.  She glanced into his eyes while unbuckling his belt.  Her red nails tickled his stomach as she pulled his boxers down revealing Steven’s rock hard cock.  

He tensed as she grabbed him in her hand and stroked him softly. 

“Isn’t he sexy baby.  I’ve been dreaming about his cock inside me,” she moaned as she leaned in to suck Steven’s cock with her warm lips.  Her nails grazed his balls and she sucked him slowly, then licked under his shaft while looking up and catching Steven looking at the picture.  This turned her on beyond belief and she slid her lips around him again.  Stroking him slowly and taking his cock deeper into her mouth.  She moaned and turned all attention to her husband.  Sucking his cock like it was the first time, and in many ways, it was. 

He came quickly and she took it all in her mouth.  She ran a nail across her lip, then licked cum from it before standing up.  She grabbed the phone, set it on the counter, then, before kissing him deeply on the lips said, “I love you, baby.”