Hotel (part 1)

Kera opened the box and she was pleased. Cameron said he would meet her at the room in two hours, which was plenty of time to get ready. She ran her fingers over the sheer fabric and held it up in front of the mirror. The stretch leopard print rested against her body and she couldn’t wait to try it on. She laid the dress on the bed and reached back into the box to find a pair of black criss-crossed double buckle black platform sandals and smiled at the thought of how good she would look in the 5’’ heels.

She let the towel fall to the floor and slid a black thong up her freshly shaven legs, letting her nails graze lightly against the smooth skin. Standing there in panties, she admired her body in the mirror. She let her hands roam up the inside of her thighs, across her stomach, and to her breasts. She massaged herself softly, and felt the excitement of the night to come while lightly pinching her nipple.

Cameron had planned a nice dinner, drinks, and a romantic night alone in the very suite Kera was in at the moment. The hot tub rumbled in the corner and the view of Atlanta was breathtaking. One year ago to the day, they had begun dating and he wanted this night to be special.

Kera sat on the edge of the bed and slid into her new heels, then laid back to look at her legs in the air. Crossing them and admiring the shoes wrapped around her newly painted wine red toes nails. She moaned as she touched her breast and reached between her legs to rub the outside of her panties.

Her legs now spread to the sides she felt the wetness with her fingers. She slid the thong to the side and moved a finger into her dripping pussy. She rubbed her clit with the other hand and her mind went to the fantasy. A strong man standing before her as she knelt to give him pleasure. Sucking his huge cock while he pushed her deeper. Holding his hands on her head to make her take him deep.

Kera used to imagine the man as Cameron, but over time that fantasy faded away. She loved him and enjoyed sex, but he was more of a pleaser than someone who took control. While she loved to be pampered and getting what she wanted in sex, she yearned to explore her submissive side. Her fantasies made her explode in orgasm and with each day she needed it more. To be on her knees taking a dominant man deep in her mouth, deep in her pussy. Doing whatever he said.

It didn’t take long and she had a powerful orgasm on the bed she’d share with Cameron that night. Her pussy pulsed as she laid back and took relaxing breaths. So powerful, she thought. She knew that she would eventually have to act on her impulses.

Cameron arrived on time and was greeted with a big kiss. Kera looked stunning. Her make up perfect, painted lips, silver hoops, and dangling bracelets. He felt himself getting hard as she kissed him and whispered how much she loved him and the gifts.

It was all he could do to keep from lifting her dress and licking on her pussy. She rubbed her hand across his pants and teased him with another kiss.

“We’d better get going, honey, don’t want to be late for our dinner,” she said as she let her tongue roll across his ear.

Cameron was speechless and stared as she walked across the room in her tight dress and new heels to grab her purse.

She grabbed his hand and led him through the door to the elevator where she continued to tease him for 37 floors.

Dinner was filled with teasing and touching under the table. Cameron was so turned on that he could barely eat. He felt her heel sliding up his leg and into his crotch more than once and his cock would not settle down.

Kera flirted with Cameron and even the waiter, which translated into excellent service and a free bottle of wine.

It was like their first date in so many ways. The two flirted, drank wine, and talked about art, photography, and food. They always had great conversation, but tonight that sexual spark had returned. They were alive and excited about the future.

Next, they would go back to the hotel for a couple drinks, then to the room where the romance would be rekindled.

Kera led Cameron to a booth in the corner of the hotel bar. They sat closely and she immediately began to tease him with her hand and her heels and by kissing him on his cheek. Cameron was in heaven and couldn’t wait to get upstairs, but she loved her new dress and how many people she caught checking her out. He would have to wait until she was ready.

They sipped wine and listened to the soft jazz moving through the room. More than once, Cameron watched her lips as they moved to the glass. He could not wait to be alone with them and feel them on his body. Feel them kiss his chest, stomach, his cock. Those lips drove him crazy. His mind started to wander, when they were interrupted by the waiter who stood there holding another glass of wine.

“Excuse me,” he said. “This has been sent to the lady by an old friend.”

“An old friend?,” said, Kera.

“Yes, he’s there sitting at the bar.”

She looked toward the bar where she saw 15-20 people and none of them looking in her direction.

“Which one is it?,” she asked with excited curiosity.

Cameron was curious, too, but wasn’t as intrigued by the turn of events.

“The gentleman on the corner, wearing the dark suit.”

Kera looked at the man and had no idea who he was, but kept looking without saying a word.

The waiter said, “Something about high school,” before moving on to the next table.

“Do you know him?,” asked Cameron.

“Not really sure,” she said.

They both looked in the man’s direction and but he didn’t look back.

After what seemed like a minute of staring, a strange sensation came over Kera. She started getting turned on by the man. He had broad shoulders and sat with extreme confidence. He had a shaved head, was well dressed, and was black.

Kera combed her memory for the black guys in her high school and couldn’t place him. Curiosity was eating her alive, but she played it off for Cameron’s sake.

“Oh, he probably has me confused for someone else,” she said.

The once vibrant conversation had all but come to a halt and the man had yet to look in their direction. Kera flagged down the waiter again.

“Are you sure it was that man?”

“Yes, I’m positive.”

With those words, Kera felt a tingling in her panties and it gave her the courage to investigate.

“Okay, this is too weird, I’m gonna go see how we know each other,” she said as she slid out of the booth.

“You want me to go with?,” asked Cameron.

“No, I’ll be right back.”

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